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Everyone can be a chef!

The Vištiena Kitaip product line is aimed at those that love experimenting in the kitchen. Those that not only cook, but search for new tastes. Innovation is one of the cornerstones of the Vištiena Kitaip line. By creating this line, we were one of the first in Lithuania to offer exceptional cuttings of fresh meat; we are also unique in the presentation and tastes of products. We are continuously seeking innovations to make your experimentation in the kitchen even easier! We believe that with our products everyone can be a chef!

The Vištiena Kitaip product line consists of: 

Fresh meat

Marinated products (chicken, fresh sausages, minced meat)

Boiled products

Fried products

Hot-smoked products 


Fresh meat

We were the first chicken manufacturers in Lithuania to offer uniquely cut products: evenly cut and divided by weight. We present the meat in such a way that it can be used to prepare your favourite dish right away. Convenient cuttings allow everyone to feel like a real kitchen chef without spending too much time scarifying, but ending up with unique dishes. 

The Vištiena Kitaip line offers products that will go well with your favourite steaks or stews, or perhaps you would like to surprise your family with chicken tulips? Our assortment includes them too! We have prepared everything for your experiments – use your imagination and create an incredible dish.

Natural smoking

The chicken products are smoked naturally, with beech sawdust used for the smoking, lending the products a golden hue and a pleasant smoke flavour.

We offer a wide range of hot-smoked products: hot-smoked chicken fillet with various spices, wings, wing tulips, drumsticks and many more!

We are sure you will find both great snacks and lunch meals in our assortment of smoked products!


We were the first to offer chicken products of exclusive tastes and shapes. Vištiena Kitaip products include the so-called ‘cheeses’ that are shaped like cheese. Our range also includes rolls of various flavours, fried knuckles of ham and many other products.

  • Rolls
  • Fried knuckles of ham
  • Boiled flavoured knuckles of ham
  • Fresh sausages
  • Minced chicken
  • Hot-smoked products
  • Boiled sausages
  • Pastes

With the Vištiena Kitaip line, you will undoubtedly discover products that you are going to love and that will be a perfect choice for your daily breakfast or lunch. They will not only satisfy the pickiest of tastes, but will also decorate your festive table. You like pizza with cooked sausage? We have specially prepared chicken sausage for pizza! You will also find sausage for hot sandwiches while our cheeses will definitely be a great decoration for your festive table! Choose from various flavours!

Everyone can be a chef!

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