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About the Companies


The history of these companies with long standing poultry traditions – joint stock company Vilniaus paukštynas and joint stock company Kaišiadorių paukštynas – dates back to the middle of the last century. The poultry companies belong to KG Group, which is one of the largest, most modern and economically strong manufacturing companies in Lithuania, which also includes JSC Kauno grūdai and affiliates.

Mission. Development of Lithuanian agriculture and responsible approach to quality to ensure your table is supplied with natural products.

Vision. Maintenance of integration of activities, position of manufacturing leader and clients' trust in Lithuanian and foreign markets.

Business activities. Rearing of chickens for fattening, Production of poultry products, Production of animal by-products.

Rearing of chickens for fattening

We have the largest farm of chickens for fattening in the Baltic states – almost 400,000 square meters area of poultry holdings all over Lithuania: rearing of parent flocks and rearing of chickens for fattening. 

Eighty percent of chickens for fattening required for production are reared in our own holdings. The other 20 percent is purchased from Lithuanian farmers. Cooperation with farmers is not limited to buying-up of chickens for fattening reared by them. Farmers can buy day-old chicks and complete combined feedstuffs manufactured by the group at Vilnius and Kaišiadorys poultry farms. We provide necessary consultations and share knowledge and experience accumulated by us to ensure the best possible result is achieved through our joint efforts and a top-quality final product is offered to our clients.


We have our own plants based in Rudamina, Vilnius District and Kaišiadorys. Manufactured products: 

Fresh meat

Marinated products

Hot-smoked and boiled products


Ensuring circular economy

In our activities, we ensure a circular economy, the purpose of which is the reduction of waste and use of resources through product processing.

Vilnius and Kaišiadorys poultry farms are equipped with special processing shops to sort raw materials left after fresh meat production, from which later various poultry protein products are manufactured. Some of the products are used in our business and some is sold to Lithuanian farmers.


Social responsibility is divided into three categories: 

  • responsibility to our employees 
  • responsibility to the community, of which we are a part
  • responsibility to the environment in which we work

We have a responsibility to ensure satisfaction and motivation of our employees, we have a responsibility to community members, who need help and understanding, and we have a responsibility to the environment in which we work.


Our employees are provided with the possibility to improve themselves and their qualifications through participation in external training courses, seminars, exhibitions, and continuation of their professional or managerial studies at the best universities of the country. We are continuously searching for incentives for our employees to keep them satisfied and motivated. KG Group team shares not only joint pursuit of results but leisure as well, which we spend by celebrating company events and participating in social actions.


We participate in volunteer social initiatives by supporting children and youth leisure and sports, offering financial support to social groups such as orphanages, communities of disabled, charity organisations, etc.

We support national and regional cultural events. Most support is provided in the regions in which our units are located.  

KG Group directs its social responsibility to the following communities:

  • Children living in foster homes 
  • Elderly communities
  • Communities of disabled
  • Local communities in which our units operate


We observe all effective environmental laws and regulations to reduce adverse impact on the environment. We contribute to environmental protection by encouraging use of working means that reduce costs and pollution effectively. 


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