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Just one step to your plate!

Marinated chicken products and grilling chicken sausages made from highest quality raw material.

Quick and convenient preparation as well as exceptional taste is Premium’s calling card. Surprise your loved ones and friends with an exquisite dinner that is extremely easy to prepare, using Premium’s marinated chicken products.

Grill all year round – cook either on the grill or in the oven   

Exceptional tastes 

Special aluminium container designed for cooking in an oven  


Exceptional tastes

We are constantly searching for exceptional tastes that could impress even the pickiest chicken gourmet. We were the first in Lithuania to introduce chicken with a berry marinade. Chicken with a blueberry marinade has been one of the favourite products for a number of years. We also offer chicken with lingonberry, currant and goji berry marinades. Despite the fact that Premium marinades are dominated by berries, in the search for new flavours our masters of production try out various worldwide popular spices. We track global tendencies and want to offer what is best and unique!

Convenient package

Premium’s marinated chicken will surprise with not only a variety of expressive tastes but will also leave your cooking dish clean. Turn cooking into leisure! Premium’s marinated chicken products are packed into convenient cooking packages, which will help the chicken always remain juicy. Just remove the paper package and put the container into the oven. 

Hot-smoked products

Product line Premium also offers a selection of hot-smoked products for those, who enjoy unique and sumptuous products. Our assortment includes chicken fillet with mustard grain and chicken fillet with spinach – perfect as a snack or for making original salad. Products are smoked with natural smoke and packed in a convenient packaging.

Just one step to your plate!

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