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Marinated chicken for your delicious grill fiesta!

Fun with friends in nature is unimaginable without delicious grill dishes. That is exactly why the Vilnius Paukštynas brand has created a separate Fiesta product line. 

Fiesta marinated chicken products are the right choice for those who want to have a fun and tasty picnic with friends without worrying about the meals. Just grab Fiesta and escape the city!

Product variety

Easy and quick preparation 

Products are designed for the grill but are also suitable for oven cooking 

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Variety of tastes

Fiesta will be appreciated both by those who prefer traditional tastes and those searching for new ones. We offer a variety of tastes, and our aim is to make sure that everyone finds marinated chicken that they like. Chicken shashlik in a pepper marinade has been our buyers’ top choice for a number of years, sharing the lead position with chicken with a blueberry marinade. Berry marinades have become our calling card. We keep experimenting and searching for new flavours. We renew our Fiesta marinated chicken assortment every year. We seek to be your Fiesta leaders, surprising you with new tastes every time. 

Marinated chicken skewers

No need to smear your hands when skewering the meat. We’ve done that for you! We offer marinated chicken pieces on wooden skewers. Just take them out of the package and grill! In just 15 minutes you will be enjoying tasty Fiesta skewers. 

Fiesta Home Taste

Fiesta Home Taste – for those who have missed a real taste! A line of marinated chicken products that contain no additional Es and taste like mum’s chicken. We offer traditional flavours that are comparable to home-made chicken.

Less time for preparation, more time for your Fiesta!

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